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A is for Accessories, Addressable, Apollo & Aspirating


Without accessories many devices and systems wouldn’t live up to their potential. Accessories enable extra functions and also help to make everyday life easier by providing higher levels of protection or usability.

Fire alarm accessories in particular is a broad term for items that are often considered essential for fire alarm systems. These include extra fire alarm batteries and door holders to fire alarm relays and log books. Without them you’d find the day-to-day running of your fire alarm system that bit more difficult and the level of safety you’re providing may not be as good as it could be.

We stock a considerable number of fire alarm accessories as well as other emergency accessories. Our team would be happy to recommend which ones you’ll find useful, just give us a call on 01792 452 700.


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Addressable Fire Alarm System

There are three main types of fire alarm system – addressable, conventional and two-wire.

Addressable fire alarm systems consist of devices connected on a single pair of wires for all zones creating a complete loop to and from the alarm control panel. A number of zones can be included in the addressable fire alarm system (depending on your control panel model) with each device being given it’s own address and label.

In the event of an alarm the addressable control panel will identify exactly which device was triggered. In comparison, a conventional alarm system will only be able to tell you which zone the triggered device is located in.

A huge amount of data can be recorded on an addressable system including alarm and fault histories, sort circuits and cable breaks.


The AirCOn8 is an addressable carbon monoxide monitoring and ventilation control system. It will independently monitor up to 110 CO detectors in up to 8 zones, continually evaluating the levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

In the event that CO levels in the air exceed a safe concentration the system will trigger a ventilation procedure controlled by up to 2 interface modules. If the concentration of CO was to continue to rise during the ventilation process a full alarm would be activated at a pre-determined point.

This device is ideal for large scale carbon monoxide detection and can be very effectively used in areas including underground car parks, warehouses, tunnels, factories and boiler rooms.

You’ll find the AirCOn8 under our CO Monitoring & Ventilation Control System category.


Alarms are what we’re about. Fire Alarms, Gas Alarms, Flood Alarms, Disabled Toilet Alarms, Cigarette Alarms… the list goes on.

The definition of alarm in the dictionary is the ‘warning of existing or approaching danger’ whereas a physical alarm unit is defined as ‘an electrical, electronic, or mechanical device that serves to warn of danger by means of a sound or signal’.

Alarms are essential for saving lives and limiting the damage fire and other elements like gas and water can cause. They also give people a voice when they discover danger or are in need of help.

Discount Fire Supplies is in the business of sourcing and selling the best alarms available in the fire and emergency industry. We partner with well-known names in manufacturing to bring you their best products at highly competitive prices, all in one handy online shop.


You might know of Apollo primarily as a fabled Greek god but it’s also the name of one of the largest manufacturers of fire safety solutions in the UK.

Apollo design and manufacturer a number of products that we sell on Discount Fire Supplies including XP95 addressable detectors and Series 65 conventional detectors.

Based in Portsmouth, Apollo have built a reputation for producing reliable, quality products that use the latest in fire safety technological innovation. As well as fire detectors and detector bases with a range of functions they also produce ancillary products like manual call points and sounders.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detection uses air sampling technology to monitor the level of smoke in the atmosphere. Air is drawn through perforated pipes from the area to be protected to the air sampling unit using a powerful fan and sophisticated air-flow monitoring.

This type of smoke detection is designed as an accessory to traditional addressable or conventional fire alarm systems to provide smoke detection in non-typical or hard-to-access areas such as elevator shafts and service ducts, security controlled areas, ceiling voids and harsh or wet environments.

On we sell aspirating smoke detectors as well as all the lengths of pipe, fittings and accessories you’ll need to create your system of air sampling pipe.

Assembly Point

An assembly point is where building occupants are advised to go when there is a fire alarm activation and subsequent evacuation of the building. At the assembly point responsible persons will often carry out a roll-call of everyone who should be present – particularly in the case of schools or offices.

The assembly point will generally be situated at a safe distance from the main building on the grounds of the property. Pupils, staff or members of the public are advised to stay on or close to the assembly point until the fire alarm has been dealt with, at this point the group may be led back inside or given further instructions.

Fire Assembly Points can be identified by large signs. These are coloured green and might be photo-luminescent to allow them to be seen in darkness. The words ‘fire assembly point’ will be printed in large letters along with a diagram demonstrating a group of people – this allows anyone who can’t read the sign to identify the purpose of the assembly point sign.

On our website you’ll find Assembly Point Signs under our purple Fire Signs category.