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Air Conditioning Blaze In Cheltenham

In light of the recent nightclub fire in Cheltenham we thought we’d remind you about the range of Fire Alarm Duct Units we stock, perfect for detecting smoke in air conditioning systems.

Early last month a fire broke out in the air conditioning unit at Lace nightclub in Cheltenham. At just after midnight, with over 200 revellers in the building, the chances were high that someone could get seriously hurt. Nightclub staff acted quickly and managed to get everyone out to safety but, with a blaze that required 20 fire-fighters to extinguish it, things could have gone very differently.

The fire spread quickly through the air con unit, smoke was pouring from the roof and the flames had started to work their way through cabling.

If the first signs of smoke had been detected in the air conditioning system could the severity of the fire have been prevented? Possibly. The cause of the fire is yet to be investigated but we strongly feel that any measures that the owners could have taken to detect fire would have had a positive effect on limiting how much the fire was able to develop.

Zeta Duct Units allow you to monitor the level of smoke in ventilation ducts. A smoke detector in a sealed external chamber measures the smoke level via a sampling probe mounted in the centre of the air flow.

Utilising this smoke detection technology as well as an existing fire alarm system gives you the confidence that all areas are covered. In buildings where large volumes of people congregate this is an essential part of fire safety.

View our range of Fire Alarm Duct Units.

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