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Category L Fire Alarm Systems

Category L fire alarm systems automatically detect fire to protect lives.

Fire alarm systems are grouped into different categories. The category your fire alarm system falls into generally depends on the objective of the system – to protect life or property.

Category L fire alarm systems are designed to protect life. In total there are 5 sub-categories of fire alarm systems designed to protect Life and the level of protection scales depending on your requirements.

Category L Fire Alarm System Overview

L5 A category L5 fire alarm system is usually a custom localised system where the fire risk cannot be satisfactorily covered by categories L1 to L4. This type of alarm system should be based on a fire risk assessment approved by all authorities involved. Typically, an L5 fire system could include a computer room where automatic fire detection triggers an extinguishing system to reduce damage to expensive equipment.
L4 The objective of L4 fire alarm systems is to at all times protect building escape routes and circulation areas such as corridors and stairways. Other rooms may have fire detectors too but the sole aim of the fire alarm system is to provide a safe route out of the building.
L3 L3 fire alarm systems expand on an L4 alarm system to also protect any rooms that open onto the escape route. This type of fire alarm system provides early warning of fire to everyone in the building, allowing them to safely evacuate before the escape route becomes impassable.
L2 In an L2 fire system further locations are protected: escape routes, rooms adjoining the escape route and high risk areas will all have automatic fire detection. High risk areas include rooms where there is a higher chance of ignition, such as kitchens, as well are areas where people may be sleeping.
L1 Alarm systems that fall into category L1 are designed to cover the whole building. All areas within the building in question, including unused areas like roof spaces, should have automatic fire detection as well as manual call points. The aim here is to provide the earliest possible warning of fire for everyone in the building, whether they are working, living or sleeping. A typical location for an L1 fire alarm system would be a residential care home.

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