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Cut False Fire Alarm Costs

A new initiative by the FIA (Fire Industry Association) aims to help businesses and public organisations cut the cost of false alarms in their fire alarm systems.

False alarms are a nuisance at best but more frequently they are a complete drain on funds and resources. During a false fire alarm you are probably losing money in more places than you might expect:

  • Work disruption
    Your workers are forced to evacuate the building every time there is a false alarm just in case it’s a genuine emergency. They may have to stop work in the middle of a skilled task or perhaps a time-sensitive project with a tight deadline.
  • Loss of productivity
    Your workers aren’t going straight back to work after a false fire alarm. It will take time for them to regain their focus after the disruption and get back to the job at hand.
  • Use of unnecessary resources
    Your fire alarm system might automatically call out the fire brigade in an emergency. If it turns out to be a false alarm these fire fighters could be prevented, or at best delayed, from attending a genuine emergency. Frequent false alarms and unnecessary usage of public resources could even land you with a hefty fine.

It has been estimated that in the UK alone false alarms cost the country more than £1billion every year. And it’s mismanagement of fire alarm systems that’s causing the problem, not the equipment itself.

You can do your bit to reduce false fire alarms and help save your business, and the country, money.

  • Delayed Alarms
    Many fire alarm control panels allow you to set a delay between the time the fire detector is triggered and full alarm activation. You can effectively use this time to investigate whether there is a genuine fire. The Infinity 8 Zone Fire Alarm Panel is an example of a control panel with this functionality.
  • Adaptation
    If the source of your false alarms is frequently in the same area look at the ways you can improve the situation. The cost of moving equipment or new purchases could be more cost-effective than managing false alarms long-term.
  • System maintenance
    Maintaining your fire detectors and wiring regularly will ensure that your equipment is always in top working order. A loose connection or even dust could be the cause of all your problems.

Discount Fire Supplies sell fire alarms designed to help reduce false alarms.

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