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Fined £5000 For Poor Fire Safety

Fined £5000 For Poor Fire Safety
Fined £5000 For Poor Fire Safety

A hotel manager in Derbyshire has been fined £3000 for failing to carry out fire safety work ordered in a Derbyshire Fire Service enforcement notice. He must also pay £2000 court costs.

James Knappette of Derby was manager of Kedleston Country Hotel in Derbyshire when the local Fire and Rescue Service issued an enforcement notice detailing that work must be carried out to improve fire safety in the hotel. Items cited for improvement included emergency lighting and fire doors in the premises.

The order was issued on 28th August 2009 and Mr Knappette was given until June 2010 to ensure the work was complete. Despite two extensions on this date the fire service concluded that fire safety in the hotel was still very inadequate.

Fire service group manager Steve Wells made it clear that Derbyshire Fire Service take the safety of hotel guests very seriously, after all they are in an environment that is quite alien and unfamiliar to them and they need all the assistance they can get to be safe in an emergency. Hotel managers therefore have a duty of care towards their guests and where this duty is ignored or found lacking, the Fire Service will not hesitate to take action firstly through enforcement notices and latterly through the courts if orders are not adequately met.

The award of a £5000 fine clearly shows that the courts take irresponsible fire safety very seriously too.

There are many devices and products that Kedleston Country Hotel could have purchased to meet fire safety regulations:

  • Fire door closers could have been retrofitted to their existing fire doors to make them more robust in an emergency – the Freedor Wireless Door Closer for example requires no wiring (because it is battery powered) and can be left open in any position, closing automatically when it ‘hears’ a fire alarm.
  • Emergency lighting products available include low-cost Bulkhead Emergency Lights which come in maintained and non-maintained variations. Another option is LED emergency lighting which requires very little power to function and is a great money-saver in the long-term.

For £5000 Mr Knappette could easily have fitted his hotel with a whole variety of life-saving fire safety equipment.

Don’t wait until you are ordered to install better fire equipment – do it now and you could save yourself a lot of time and money.

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