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Fire Alarm System Benefits: Insurance Savings

Your Fire Alarm System Can Save You Money On Your Insurance Premiums
Your Fire Alarm System Can Save You Money On Your Insurance Premiums

By installing and maintaining a comprehensive fire alarm system you could potentially save hundreds of pounds a year on your business insurance premiums.

We all know that experienced drivers in sensible cars have the lowest car insurance premiums. This is because insurance companies believe there’s a very low chance that they’ll be involved in a car accident. The same principle applies to other types of insurance, your home insurance, for example, is likely to be low if you have a home security system and live in an area with a low crime rate.

Business insurance premiums can likewise be affected by a number of factors. A major contributor to the level of insurance premium you’ll pay is the fire protection you have in place on your premises. The steps you take to reduce the risk of fire can greatly reduce the likelihood that your insurance provider will have to pay out. The more comprehensive the fire alarm system is, the greater the savings could be.

You should consult with your insurance company when planning a new fire alarm system or improving an existing system to ensure you comply with any requirements they have. Proving that you have gone beyond the minimum requirements of fire safety could help you save considerably more money every year on your insurance premiums.

Calling your existing insurance provider to make sure they have all the details of the steps you’ve taken to reduce the risk of fire is also a good idea. Incorrect or missing details can not only make a big difference to how much you pay but they can also invalidate your insurance policy.

When you’re sure your insurer has all of the correct details you could also enquire about any steps you could take to reduce your premium even further. The initial cost of installing more fire alarm equipment or accessories can be gained back in saved insurance premiums over a number of years and you’ll also have peace of mind that your fire alarm system is safer than ever.

Discount Fire Supplies sells a range fire alarm systems and fire alarm accessories to help you protect your business from fire.

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