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Fire Alarm System Complexity

Fire Alarm Systems Vary Largely In Complexity

The complexity of fire alarm systems varies greatly. A system could be as simple as one or two manual call points with a few detectors and sounders over two rooms or it could comprise several buildings with multiple rooms and hundreds of detection and warning devices.

In any case, the principles of designing and maintaining a fire alarm system are largely the same and each fire alarm system, however large, requires due care and attention to ensure it protects lives.

When choosing a fire alarm system you should first think about your requirements. How many rooms will the alarm system cover? What type of building is it protecting? Who will be using the building? The best way to answer these questions, and more, is by carrying out an in-depth fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment will prompt you to consider requirements you may not have thought of yet and force you to study all eventualities. There are many resources available to help you carry out your fire risk assessment as well as specialist firms who will perform the risk assessment for you for a fee.

Once you have identified which areas you need to protect you can then consider the complexity of the alarm system. There are two main types of fire alarm system, addressable and conventional, and the complexity of your requirements will often decide which is more suitable as well as the budget you have in place to effectively protect your premises from fire. How many zones can your property be divided into? How many devices are required for each zone? Are any auxiliary devices such as door closers required? Do you need to be able to connect to the alarm control panel remotely? Does your fire alarm system need to be flexible/expandable?

As you answer these questions the type of fire alarm system you need will come to light. Additional help on choosing your fire alarm system can be found on our website on our fire alarm systems and fire alarm panels pages.

If you still require assistance please call 01792 452 700 and our team will be happy to help you choose the best fire alarm system for your requirements.

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