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Fire Alarm System Kits

If you are planning your first fire alarm system or you are looking for a comprehensive selection of devices for a small fire alarm system installation, a fire alarm kit could be the perfect solution.

Fire alarm kits generally comprise all of the equipment and devices you need to get an alarm system started – as your needs become clear or your circumstances change you can easily purchase additional devices to add to the system.

In a fire alarm system kit you will find the following items:

  • Fire alarm system control panel
    This is the heart of your fire system, it receives the data from your devices and controls when an alarm is activated. You’ll be able to program many setting from the control panel including zones and addresses if you are using an addressable fire alarm system.
  • Fire detectors
    These detect smoke and heat in your building and relay the information they collect to the fire control panel. A fire kit will include a number of detectors that you can place throughout the area you want to protect.
  • Manual call points
    Manual call points allow people to send an emergency signal directly to the control panel if they discover a fire.
  • Sounders
    These make up the alarm part of the fire alarm system and emit a loud warning sound to let people know there is fire danger.

Discount Fire Supplies stocks a number of conventional and addressable fire alarm kits ranging from 2 to 8 zones.

The Fike Twinflex 2 Zone Kit, for example, is a conventional fire alarm system and contains a Twinflex fire alarm panel, 7 multipoint detectors with integral sounders, 2 manual call points and a detector head removal tool.

Discount Fire Supplies sell a range of fire alarms, fire alarm accessories and much more. Browse our online shop or contact us for a quote today.

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