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Introducing The Alert Point Standalone Fire Alarm

STI Alert Point
STI Alert Point

Discount Fire Supplies is happy to introduce the Alert Point range of standalone fire alarms. Uniquely designed to incorporate a manual call point, sounder, and in some models a beacon, this emergency alarm is a fantastic choice for smaller applications, whether industrial, commercial or retail.

How Does It Work?

When the integral break-glass effect call point is activated, a loud 102 decibel (at 1 meter) audible alarm is emitted to alert personnel in the area about potential danger. A warning flag will drop in to the call point window to show the device has been activated and an LED will also flash for quick identification.

The unit is fully resettable and can be quickly set back to normal conditions using the provided key.

Multiple Alert Point alarms can be networked to create a mini alarm system and external devices such as smoke detectors, beacons and extra sounders and call points can also be added. These can even be powered through the unit’s DC power supply so there’s no need for extra wiring.

What Are The Options?

As mentioned the device is available with or without a beacon to provide visual representation of the emergency status. It is also available in a variety of colours (red, blue, green or white) to suit your premises and intentions for the alarm.

Also in stock is the Alert Point Lite, a cost-effective battery-only powered alternative to the standard Alert Point Standalone Fire Alarm that has many of the same great attributes with a few exceptions such as LED indication and networking ability. This model is also available with or without a beacon.

View the Alert Point Standalone Fire Alarms.

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