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Introducing The Freedor Wireless Door Closer

Freedor Wireless Door Closer
Freedor Wireless Door Closer

New to our range of Fire Alarm Accessories is the Freedor Wireless Door Closer, a unique battery powered door closing device.

Fire doors prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout your building in an alarm condition but as many people know they can be heavy and cumbersome to open in busy workplaces or public buildings. The Freedor Door Closer is a new way to legally meet UK fire regulations (compliant with BS EN1154 amd BS EN1155) and keep fire doors open.

Where Can Freedor Be Used?

Freedor can be retrofitted to any fire door up to Power Size 4 (doors up to 80kg). It is suitable for both left and right opening swing doors and because it’s battery powered there’s no need for wiring.

Fire doors fitted with this device can be left open in any position and the Freedor device won’t limit the range of motion in any way.

How Does It Work?

An internal microphone constantly listens to the surrounding environment for an alarm. When your fire alarm system is triggered Freedor will verify the alarm for 14 seconds and then release the door mechanism so all fire doors are sealed. The alarm sound must be louder than 65dB for the device to work.

Closing and latching speeds are adjustable and there’s also a night-time release facility.

9V alkaline battery packs provide power to the device and can be expected to last up to an impressive 18 months.

Visit our Fire Door Closers category to learn more about this product.

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