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Introducing the Series 600 Electro Magnetic Door Closer

Series 600 Electro Magnetic Door Closer
Series 600 Electro Magnetic Door Closer

We’ve now added another great product to our extensive range of fire alarm accessories – the Series 600 Electro Magnetic Door Closer.

As we all know, any barrier between fire and the rest of your building is a life saver so its vital that you can trust the devices you use to close doors in an emergency.

This fire door closer is incredibly adaptable and can be adjusted to work with nearly any door. It’s many features include:

  • Right or left hand closing.
  • Adjustable arms – can be set to regular, parallel or transom mounting.
  • 180 degree opening arc.
  • Adjustable door closing speed.
  • Adjustable door latching speed – the last moments of the closing arc can be accelerated to overcome the resistance of a door latch!

We think the best feature of the Series 600 door closer is the choice to set the door as Swing Free or Hold Open.

The Swing Free setting allows you to use the door with complete freedom – as if no door closer is fitted at all. This feature will let the door swing close or rest open during everyday use but when the power to the door closer is interrupted, or an alarm is activated, the closing mechanism will automatically close the door to create a seal.

Conversely, the Hold Open function is brilliant for busy places where it makes sense for the doors to be open all the time. Once the door has been opened beyond 75 degrees the mechanism will hold the door open. This is an especially good feature as the use of door stoppers to do the same job would render a conventional door closer useless. Again, when an alarm is triggered or power supply is interrupted the Series 600 will automatically release the door and close it.

This door closer also has a multitude of accreditations to its name and boasts an independent 2 hour fire cover assessment by International Fire Consultants Ltd. Other safety standards include:

  • EN1155 compliance.
  • Fire tested in accordance with British Standard 476 Part 22.
  • Manufactured to European quality standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

The mechanism has been well designed and tested thoroughly – a hardened steel rack and pinion mechanism sits immersed in high-quality thermostatic hydraulic oil within a tough aluminium casing. This combination is perfect for years of maintenance free use but should anything go wrong the Series 600 Electro Magnetic Door Closer comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

Discount Fire Supplies stocks 3 different power sizes of this door closer and we hope you’ll be able to choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

Model No. Power Size Max. Door Width (mm) Door Mass (kg)
623EM 3 950 60
624EM 4 1100 80
625EM 5 1250 100

Visit the Fire Door Closers section of our website for more information and to order.

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