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Meeting the Standard with a Fire Alarm Isolation Switch

Fire Safety Isolator Switch

The following is an excerpt from the BS5839 pt1 2002 standard with the most relevant parts shown in bold;

  • 25.2 Recommendations for mains power supplies
    • 25.2 c) ‘To facilitate local isolation during maintenance, suitable means should be provided for the double pole isolation of the low voltage supply circuit that serves the power supply and the control equipment (see 29.2e)’
  • 29.2 Electrical safety recommendations
    • 29.2 e) ‘ Means should be provided for double pole isolation of the mains supply to all parts of the system; the isolation facilities should be suitably sited , in the vicinity of the equipment served, for use by maintenance technicians without the need for access to remote parts of the building. It should be possible to lock the facilities in both the normal and isolate positions to prevent unauthorised use. See Clause 25.’
    • 29.2 f) ‘Every isolator, switch and protective device that can isolate the supply to the fire alarm system, other than the main isolator for the building, should be labelled either;

      FIRE ALARM; Protective device serving only the fire alarm with no switch

      FIRE ALARM, DO NOT SWITCH OFF; in the case of a switch (whether incorporating a protective device or not) that serves only the fire alarm circuit.

    • 29.2 g) Every isolator, switch and protective device that is capable of disconnecting the mains supply to the fire alarm system should be situated in a position inaccessible to unauthorized persons or be protected against unauthorized operation by persons without a special tool

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