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Rafiki Twinflex Fire Alarm System Cabling Requirements

The Twinflex Fire Alarm System requires a pair of wires per zone to accommodate the field devices, i.e. Twinflex Detectors, Twinflex Call Points, Twinflex Sounders& Flashers, and Twinflex Output Units.

Each zone is wired as a radial circuit, i.e. the wires are terminated at the panel at one end and finish at a device in the field – it is not necessary to bring the cable pair back to the panel. Each device on a zone must be connected in parallel with the zone pair, branch circuits and tees are not acceptable.

The cable utilised must be Approved Shielded Cable. The use of twin and earth or ‘belden’ type cable is not acceptable.

Where a two-stage system (Checkpoint) is being installed, dwelling zones and communal zones must be wired separately, although they may be on the same floor of the building.

Cable type, routing and physical protection should be in accordance with the recommendations in BS 5839.

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This information has been referenced from an official Rafiki publication.

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