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Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector Automatic Calibration

Rafiki Multipoint ASD Detectors

To ensure the detection capabilities of the Multipoint are never compromised it self-calibrates every 6 hours. It continuously monitors for dust contamination, until, over a period of time, depending on the environment, it reaches a point where the chamber becomes saturated. Before this can develop into a false alarm situation, the panel will indicate that a Multipoint needs attention on both the Twinflex and Sita systems.

To make maintenance easy, the Multipoint features a disposable optical chamber. This means the chamber can be simply thrown away, and replaced economically when necessary.

The new Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detectors will be available to purchase very soon and will be included in our Rafiki Twinflex Fire Alarm System section.

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