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Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector Multi-Criteria Detector

Rafiki Multipoint ASD Detectors

The “Multipoint” detector has set new standards in detector technology, using microprocessor control, offering the installer a full range of detection capabilities with audible and visual warning in one compact device. Specifiers and installers who choose the Multipoint detector, do so secure in the knowledge that the fire detection performance of the detector can be matched to the environment in which it is installed – and changed any time during the lifetime of the installation. The mode of detection required can be simply changed by way of a DIL switch in the detector.

All modes are compliant with European detector type specifications, and are suitable for use in installations compliant with BS5839: Part 1: 2002, Part 6 2004 if used in conjunction with a “Twinflex Plus” system.

The Twinflex Intelligent conventional detector can be set to any one of the smoke or heat detection modes as well as a Combined Mode (Smoke 2 & Heat 2) where a smoke or heat source can trigger a fire decision. This means the end user is given optimum fire protection, even if the installer is unsure of the use of the particular area where the detector is sited. As part of the Twinflex system all Twinflex products including the Twinflex Multipoint detector feature an End of Line monitoring switch, which negates the need to install End of Line monitoring resistors.

The Multipoint Detector also has the unique benefit of an optional full specification integral sounder. A 90dBA output can be achieved. The Twinflex Intelligent two wire detector can be set to 3 different sound patterns, as well as switched off, with 2 sound output levels.

The new Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detectors will be available to purchase very soon and will be included in our Rafiki Twinflex Fire Alarm System section.

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