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Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector Stealth Chamber

Rafiki Multipoint ASD Detectors

The method of optical scatter fire detection is well known. Sensors comprise an optical emitter and a receiver positioned in a sensing chamber. The emitter and receiver are positioned such that there is no line of site between them, although some light from the emitter does reflect on the walls of the chamber and into the receiver; this is known as standing scatter level. When smoke enters the chamber it increases radiation from the emitter and substantially increases the radiation detected by the receiver, a sensor circuit then triggers an alarm.

A disadvantage of this design is that dust, grease etc. enters the chamber and settle on the walls causing the scatter level to increase or decrease dependant on the type of contamination. This variation can
cause false alarms or can mask the presence of a true alarm condition.

Stealth Chamber

Rafiki have designed a, patented, optical scatter smoke sensor that alleviates this problem. This has been achieved by creating a secondary chamber that collects the contamination out of site of the emitter and
receiver thereby substantially reducing the incidence of false alarms and improving detection reliability.

The new Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detectors will be available to purchase very soon and will be included in our Rafiki Twinflex Fire Alarm System section.

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