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Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint Detector Modes of Detection


The Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint Detector has the unique ability to select between different modes of smoke and heat detection using DIL switches on the electronics assembly. This means that the detection mode can be optimised for the location where the detectors are installed during commissioning, or as a result of changes in building use without replacing the detectors. In effect a whole range of detectors is available by switch selection within the one standard product.

Three smoke and three heat modes are available as follows. A seventh setting allows both Smoke 2 and Heat 2 to be simultaneously active, i.e. combined smoke and heat detector.

  • Smoke 1
    Use where ionisation detectors are normally used, especially when there are high ceilings or a risk of free burning fires.
  • Smoke 2
    Use where optical detectors are normally used when there is a risk of a smouldering fire and for escape routes. Smoke 2 is the default setting.
  • Smoke 3
    Use where optical detectors are normally used in locations exposed to brief  concentrations of water vapour or smoke, e.g. from a bathroom, kettle, etc.
  • Heat 1
    Use where a standard rate-of-rise detector would normally be used.
  • Heat 2
    Use where a standard fixed temperature heat detector would normally be used, e.g. commercial kitchens, etc.
  • Heat 3
    Use where a high fixed temperature heat detector would normally be used, e.g. boiler rooms, etc.
  • Smoke 2/Heat 2
    A combination of Smoke 2 and Heat 2 – responds to either smoke or heat, e.g. bedsit, hotel bedroom, etc.

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This information has been referenced from an official Rafiki publication.

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