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Remote Monitoring of your Fire Alarm System

What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is where the fire alarm system is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This enables the system to automatically alert the fire service in the event of a fire being detected by the fire alarm system.

Remote signaling would normally be used as a backup to an alarm being raised manually by someone on site. The other areas in which this would be used, is when a building is not occupied all the time and the fire service would need to be contacted at the earliest stage of any fire incident. This gives the best possible chance of the fire being dealt with, before it has chance to take hold and cause substantial loss.

What types of fire alarm systems and which applications would typically use this?

Both security and fire alarm systems can use remote signaling. This is sometimes the requirement of insurers where security is involved. In fire systems this may also be a requirement of the category of system being installed, for example category P systems which are designed to protect property. Also some category L systems may require that automatic signaling be installed. This would be decided at the design stage and be agreed with the relevant local authorities/fire services.

Types of Communicator

Zeta alarm systems have two types of communicator

  1. GSM-COM
  2. TCP/IP (Only available for the Simplicity addressable fire alarm panels)

The GSM communicator uses a mobile phone sim card. It can be programmed to send fire and fault messages to any number apart from the emergency numbers (999/112). It also has a PSTN connection to connect to a standard phone line. This type of communicator may be useful in buildings that are in remote location and may not have a fixed line.

The TCP/IP communicator can enable the system to be monitored from anywhere in the world via the internet. The main requirement is that there is an internet and LAN connection in the building.
This will report fires, faults and system events at real time and can be monitored at a dedicated PC, where the operator can then contact the fire service.

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