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Tag: Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarm manufacturers

The landscape of wireless fire alarm manufacturers is larger than ever and we anticipate this will continue to grow given the key benefits of wireless. In this article we explore each player, outlining the type of system offered to help you make an informed decision.

Zerio Plus pre-programming service

As a specialist fire detection distributor we pride ourselves on offering value added services meaning we do more than simply shift boxes. In the case of the Zerio Plus wireless system our customers benefit from a complementary pre-programming service.

In the future will all fire alarm systems be wireless?

Inspired by our recent interview with Mark Tansey of Electro Detectors, who shared his thoughts on their Zerio Plus system, this post explores the future possibility of every new fire alarm system being wireless.

Industry interview with Mark Tansey of Zerio Plus

This is the first in a series of interviews we have conducted with various fire industry experts. Special thanks goes to Mark Tansey from Electro Detectors for his time and thoughts on their flagship Zerio Plus wireless system.

Hybrid ID2 & Wi-Fyre system protect Government site in Somerset

One of our trusted installation partners SECURE IT was awarded the contract to install a fire detection system in a Government site based in Somerset.

The Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

What are the Benefits of a Wireless Fire Alarm System? Fire safety is an important issue. With fires claiming over 300 lives and causing over 4000 non-fatal casualties in the UK last year it is important to have the right fire alarm system installed. With many different options, from simple smoke detectors to full hard wired or […]