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Temporary Fire Safety

Wedding Marquee
Fire Safety For Temporary Structures

In situations where a structure is only being used for a short period of time it is still important to adhere to normal fire safety procedures. Whether the temporary place is a wedding marquee or a building site there are steps you can take to ensure that the structure is safe for all.

There are many things to think about including escape routes and the need for fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Risk Assessment

Which material is the structure is made of? Is there a power supply in to the structure? Ask yourself the same questions you would if you were going to be carrying out any other fire risk assessment. Discover the weak points in the temporary building and make sure they’re catered for.

Emergency Plan

In an emergency how will you and your guests/employees react? You’ll need to know the best escape route if there is a fire emergency, if any fire fighting equipment is available and who to delegate tasks to.

Fire Alarms

Would the structure benefit from a temporary fire alarm system? Is there any legal requirement to provide fire alarms? Temporary fire alarms can be installed very easily and they are useful in an emergency. The Evacuator Site Master, for example, acts as a call point, sounder and flasher in one. A mushroom style push button on the front of the device activates both a 95dB alarm and a flashing strobe light. Up to 32 units can be connected in a series at up to 100m between each unit using everyday 2 core electrical cable.

Fire Extinguishers

Putting out a fire as quickly as possible is always the best option if it safe to do so. Consider the materials in the structure and what items will be housed in the building when selecting fire extinguishers.

Fire Signs

The structure will no doubt be unfamiliar so it could be worth using safety signs to clearly outline locations, especially exits.

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