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Introducing the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool

Introducing the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool, the ‘Swiss army knife’ of call point test and reset keys for fire alarm systems.

Manual call points are devices used in fire alarm systems to manually trigger an alarm during emergencies. These points are typically mounted on walls at accessible heights and locations, such as near exits or along escape routes. They feature a break glass or push button mechanism that, when activated, sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel, alerting occupants and emergency services to the presence of a fire. Manual call points are essential for early detection and response, providing a simple and effective method for individuals to initiate an alarm if they notice signs of fire before automatic detection systems are triggered.

Test and Reset

Manual call points should be tested as part of your weekly fire alarm test procedure. Realistically, not all fire alarm call points can be tested each week, so testing is usually carried out on a rotation plan where a different call point is tested each week to ensure that the entire system works as it should.

The testing process varies depending on the manufacturer of the device, however, in most cases it is carried out by inserting a “Manual Call Point” key into the device. These keys are also used to reset and deactivate a resettable type manual call point.

A Bunch of Keys

While test and reset keys are not unique to the manual call point, there is no standard. This means that different makes, models and manufacturers may all require different keys. In some larger buildings, a variety of different manual call points from different manufacturers can be used. This may be due to replacing faulty devices, adding new devices or upgrading fire detection equipment. However, whatever the reason, this can make testing or resetting difficult and time consuming with the responsible person having to carry a variety of different keys to match the different devices in the building. 

The Solution

Introducing the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool, the ‘Swiss army knife’ of call point test and reset keys for fire alarm systems.

The UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool keeps all the reset keys that fit most major brands in one handy and easy-to-use, lightweight, pocket sized tool. Each key can be folded out when needed and folded away when not. This keeps all the necessary keys safe and handy and makes testing all the different manual call points on site quick, easy and hassle-free.

This innovative manual call point tool can be used with all leading alarm brands including Synaps, KAC, Global Fire and many more.

Discount Fire Supplies

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For more information about the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool please feel free to get in touch by calling 01792 983 170 or sending an email to [email protected].