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What batteries do Fike Twinflex fire alarm panels require?

A fire alarm battery is required to maintain the Fike Twinflex system in operation in the event of a mains supply failure. The following batteries are suitable.

TwinflexPro2 or TwinflexPro panels

Both the TwinflexPro2 and TwinflexPro require a pair of 3ah batteries.

For installations where additional standby battery backup is required a battery conversion kit is available which allows the TwinflexPro2 panel to support a pair of 7ah batteries.

Original Twinflex panels

The original Twinflex panels were manufactured in 2 different enclosures where the 2 & 4 zones shared a smaller plastic box whereas the 8 zone was supplied in a larger metal box. This means each version had different battery capacities which are as follows.

Generally, these battery sizes provide up to 72 hours standby operation followed by 30 minutes alarm operation, but the standby period will be reduced if there are auxiliary standing loads such as may be imposed by devices powered from the auxiliary output.

Separate power supply units used in conjunction with output units may or may not require standby batteries depending on the application. For example, it may be acceptable for retained fire doors to close in the event of mains failure, in which case a battery is not necessary.

Alternatively, if a ventilation fire damper for instance is being held open via a maintained supply, it may have an undesirable affect on the building operation if it closes under mains fail condition, in which case a battery is required to maintain the supply.p

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