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What is BS 5839?

BS 5839 provides guidance on fire detection systems.
BS 5839 provides guidance on fire detection systems.

British Standard (BS) 5839 is a guide on the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems. This code of practice should be referred to whenever a fire alarm system project is underway. BS5839 contains guidance on fire alarm protection systems only – this means the detection of fire and the ways this is communicated.

Extinguishing and control of fire isn’t covered by BS 5839, nor are systems where fire detection is an ancillary function (such as security systems where fire detectors can also be included as part of the system).

When undertaking a new fire detection project, or role as the person responsible for a fire alarm system, BS 5839 is essential reading. It contains all you need to know on the legalities of your fire system and can be referred to during many stages of the design, installation and maintenance process.

There are many resources available to help you design and install a fire alarm system in line with the guidance in BS 5839 and it is always recommended that if you are ever unsure of your responsibilities that you obtain professional advice.

Compliance with this code of practice is required by a number of different authorities, these include building control authorities, local fire authorities and even insurance companies. Failure to comply with BS 5839 can result in fines, insurance invalidation and even imprisonment – especially where lives have been put in danger due to negligence.

All information in this blog is provided as a general guide only. It does not constitute definitive legal advice and professional legal advice should be sought as appropriate.

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