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What Is Fire Resistant Cable?

fire resistant cable
Fire Resistant Cable Increases The Integrity Of Your Fire Alarm System Circuit

Fire resistant cable has been specially designed and thoroughly tested to retain its durability and reliability when fire strikes.

A fire alarm system is reliant in no small part to the cabling that connects the devices and supplies power. Without reliable, robust cable the fire alarm system would be prone to costly faults and malfunctions. It is therefore essential that you only use the best cable, fitted by qualified electricians, in your fire alarm system.

In a fire emergency the fire alarm system in your building has to continue working for a significant period of time therefore circuit integrity is essential. The effects of fire could cause standard cable to melt or transmit fire to other parts of the building so it’s essential to ensure that your fire alarm system cable is also fire resistant.

Fire resistant cable, or fireproof cable, will resist the effects of fire to go on working and providing communication and power throughout the fire alarm system while being exposed to fire for an impressive length of time.

Special materials used in the manufacture of fire resistant cable provides the fire resistant qualities. The cable, once complete, must meet stringent testing and regulations in order to be approved for use in fire alarm systems.

Zeta 2 Core Fire Resistant Cable, for example, has a very high operating temperature. This is in part due to a low-polymer outer sheathing bonded with aluminium foil as well as fire resistant silicon core insulation. The copper cables themselves are tin annealed to improve strength and heat resistance.

At Discount Fire Supplies we stock varying diameters and lengths of Zeta Fire Resistant Cable which is manufactured in the UK using only the best technology, high-quality materials and the latest advances in manufacturing techniques.

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