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Disabled Toilet Alarms

Disabled toilet alarms are a key component of providing a safe environment for disabled people on your premises. They provide a means of alerting staff to an emergency and also offer reassurance that if an emergency arises or assistance is needed someone will be there to help.

Disabled toilet alarms should be installed in any disabled WC in line with BS 8300 and the Equality Act 2010. Providing a reliable and effective means of raising an alarm is essential to allow disabled people on your premises to carry out their daily lives with confidence. All of our disable WC alarms are manufactured in accordance with the latest directives and are compliant with building regulations. In a typical disabled toilet alarm kit you’d expect to find a red ceiling pull cord with two bangles, a reset button with an integrated sounder and an external indicator with a sounder or combination sounder/flasher. The position of these disabled toilet alarm components is very important to allow the alarm to be used effectively. For example, the bangles on the alarm pull cord should be spaced very specifically at 100mm from the floor and 800-1000mm from the floor – this allows either bangle to be reached in an emergency whether the occupant is sitting on the convenience or lying on the floor. Once an alarm has been activated by pulling the cord two things happen; the external indicator alerts staff to the situation and the reset button situated within the room beeps continuously until it is reset. The beeping from the reset unit both indicates that the alarm has been successfully triggered and reassures the disabled person that assistance will be with them very soon. In our Disabled Toilet Alarms category you’ll find a range of disabled toilet alarm kits including the Zeta disabled persons toilet alarm with a 4 zone capacity suitable for premises with multiple disabled toilets. We also have an attractive stainless steel disabled toilet alarm which perfectly combines design and function. A range of disabled toilet alarm components including disabled toilet stickers and replacement pull cords are also available as well as a new wireless disabled toilet alarm system which is ideal for areas where a degree of flexibility is required. For assistance and advice please call the Discount Fire Supplies team on 01792 452 700.

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