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Baldwin Boxall BVOCRIF OmniCare Repeater & DTAKIT/S Interface

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The EVC repeater unit – BVOCRIF – enables our DTAKIT disabled toilet alarm products to be added to an Omnicare system. The BVOCRIF also acts as a line booster to enable longer cable lengths between outstations and/or control panels.


  • Use the BVOCRIF as an interface for the DTAKIT (three part) toilet alarm system
  • Up to two DTAKITs can be fitted to each BVOCRIF repeater (will show as one point on the control panel)
  • As an alternative, one DTAKIT and an additional pull cord can be fitted to a BVOCRIF. Useful for rooms with two points of call, e.g., a toilet cubicle with a shower area
  • Replaces the BVFREPEM repeater unit (formerly used to connect the BVOCDTA products to an Omnicare system)
  • The DTAKIT is suitable for installation on any Omnicare system via the BVOCRIF repeater
  • The BVOCRIF can act as a booster unit to enable cable runs exceeding 200 metres between remote units (outstations) and/or control panels
  • Repeater units are not seen as an ‘address’ on the control panel (unless connected to a disabled toilet alarm)
  • An internal termination board includes loop through connector for testing site wiring
  • Self powered from the ring circuit.
  • Surface mountable.
  • Zintec finish.


  • Power Supply : 12-40V DC self-powered from ring circuit
  • Power Consumption : 30mA @ 30V typical
  • Humidity Range : 95% non-condensing
  • Temperature Range : -10°C to +40°C
  • Indicators : System healthy & DTA active
  • Finish : Zintec
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 150x120x50mm
  • Weight : 0.76 kg
  • Knockouts/cable entry points : 4 x 20 mm


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Weight 0.76 kg