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Haes 2 or 4 Zone AlarmSense Fire Panel




AlarmSense control panels have been developed specifically to work with the Apollo Fire Detectors ‘AlarmSense’ protocol devices which embrace two-wire technology, all devices are wired to the same pair of cables instead of having to run separate circuits for detectors and sounders. Installation is therefore faster and costs less as a result. Haes’ AlarmSense control panels are available with 2 or 4 zones and include false alarm reduction technology via ‘Non Priority’ Signalling. Special programming options are included such as setting non-priority modes per zone, programmable time delays for non-priority alarms and panel display response during non-priority alarms.

AlarmSense Devices

AlarmSense® is a range of conventional detection and alarm products designed to be connected to the same pair of supply wires. It is not compatible with other ranges of detectors and must be used with AlarmSense compatible control equipment.

Non Priority Signalling

The sounder base, sounder/beacon base and AlarmSense relays have a ‘priority/non priority’ option DIL switch feature which can provide an enhanced operation particularly suited to HMO dwellings.

This feature, when set, provides up to a two minute delay on the activation of a smoke detector with a local  sounder, which enables the user to clear a false alarm prior to the full activation of the alarms.

A manual call point activation at any time will cause a full alarm condition.

Haes AlarmSense panels have special programming options incorporated for use with AlarmSense devices:

  • Setting as to whether non priority mode is available per zone.
  • Programmable time delay for non priority alarms, 30, 60 or 120 seconds.
  • Panel display response during non priority alarms (either no indication or zone LED with buzzer).

Programming Features

  • AlarmSense programming options z Set coincidence alarm zones.
  • Non latching zones.
  • Zone of origin sounder operation z Set keypad entry code.


  • 2 or 4 AlarmSense zones
  • Cable & labour saving Two-Wire technology
  • Approved to EN54-2 & 4
  • False alarm management with ‘non priority’ signalling & coincidence alarm operation
  • Local & general alarm switching
  • Ideal for Houses of Multiple Occupancy
  • Key switch or code entry for access control
  • Class change & pulsing sounder inputs
  • Fire & fault outputs
  • One man walk test


  • No Of Zones : 2 – 4
  • Cabinet Size (WidthxHeightxDepth) : 308x260x80mm
  • Battery Capacity : 2 x 3.2Ah 12v SLA
  • Sounder Circuits : 2 conventional sounder circuits are provided in addition to the AlarmSense zones
  • Power Supply : 1.25 amp switch mode


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