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Hochiki TSC-SRT Sounder Removal Tool

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The Hochiki TSC-SRT sounder removal tool is designed for efficient and effortless detachment of base sounders or wall sounders from their mounting bases.

This tool is particularly useful for models like the YBO-BS (addressable loop-powered base sounder) and CHQ-WS2 (addressable loop-powered wall sounder).

The tool features two ends of varying sizes, 2.50 mm and 3.30 mm, to accommodate different sounder types.

Its use involves inserting the appropriate end into the sounder or base and pressing down to disengage the locking clip, facilitating easy removal without damage.


  • Effortless detachment of base or wall sounders from their bases when locked
  • Two varying size ends compatible with YBO-BS or CHQ-WS2


  • Product Material : ABS plastic
  • Colour : Natural (Ivory)
  • Length : 137 mm
  • Diameter 1 : 2.5 mm Ø for YBO-BS
  • Diameter 2 : 3.3 mm Ø for CHQ-WS2