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Nedis Small Carbon Monoxide Detector

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This compact carbon monoxide detector is ideal for those who want the safety and security of an early warning system against this odourless, deadly gas – without having an obtrusive, bulky detector fitted in their room.

At only 45 x 80 mm it is 75% smaller than most other CO detectors and it can be fitted very discretely indeed. Yet, it contains a powerful sensor and an alarm that offers over 85 decibels of warning at the first detection of danger./p>

Simple to install, using the screws provided, the detector includes a lithium battery that offers many years of protection and the detector contains a test button for periodic checks, a low-power battery alert and an end-of life warning.

Important: This product contains highly sensitive components. Always make sure to store and/or use the product in working environments of between -10 and 40° Celsius.


  • EN50291 certified and BSI Kitemark – includes a reliable Figaro sensor (with estimated 10-year lifespan)
  • Sleek, small and unobtrusive design – to blend into any interior
  • Lithium battery included – with a long lifespan and warnings when power is running low
  • Easy-to-reach test/hush button – operable with a single hand
  • Simple to install – using screws (included)
  • Powerful alarm – offering an early warning of over 85 dB
  • Sensor life cycle: 10 Year


  • Operating temperature: -10 – +40 °C
  • Sound: 85 dB
  • Batteries included: Built-In Lithium-Ion
  • Input voltage: 3 VDC
  • Colour: White
  • EN-compliant: EN50291
  • Detector type: Carbon Monoxide


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