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Sygno-fi Wireless Output Module


The SYG-OM is an output module for the Sygno-fi wireless system. The SYG-OM has been designed to allow easy control of a variety of third party equipment including access control doors, ventilation plant and fire extinguishing systems.

The unit is powered entirely from its internal battery supply and is fitted as standard with both a set of change over relay contacts and a 12/24V dc output.

The output is capable of supplying power for operating low current third party equipment directly from the internal batteries.


  • Output circuits are fully supervised for alarm and fault conditions (utilising EOL resistors).
  • Change over relay and 12/24V output functionality.
  • Bi-directional wireless communication.
  • On site programmable.
  • 22 pairs of field channels.
  • Dual channel redundancy.
  • Long communication range (≅ 1 km in open air).
  • 5 year expected battery life (application dependent).
  • Utilises dual low cost lithium battery.
  • Easy scan & link programming option.
  • 5 year product warranty.

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