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Cigarette Smoke Detectors

In the UK, smoking has now been banned for many years. First introduced in Scotland in March 2006, other United Kingdom countries soon followed suit – Wales in early April 2007, Northern Ireland at the end of April 2007 and finally England in July 2007. In its simplest form, the smoking ban makes it illegal for smoking to take place in any enclosed place that isn’t a domestic building. This not only includes workplaces like offices and factories but virtually every public place from shopping centres to airports and restaurants. Of course, in many places smoking was banned prior to the smoking ban too – typical locations were schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Anyone in charge of a building, from employers to pub landlords, have a responsibility to ensure smoking does not take place on the premises. In a bid to get their nicotine hit, many smokers will attempt to smoke in quiet areas of buildings like abandoned corridors or toilet cubicles to avoid detection and the elements outside. In these situations anti-smoking devices such as cigarette smoke detectors, or even a full cigarette smoke detection system, is required to not only catch smokers in the act, but also to act as a deterrent to would-be smokers. Cigarette smoke detectors are unlike normal smoke detectors in that they have very sensitive sensors that have been specially calibrated to detected the very fine particles of cigarette smoke. Once someone starts smoking the fine smoke particles enter the detector chamber and trigger an alarm. Many smoking detectors even have a voice alarm function, allowing you to program a message that will be played to smokers on activation. Flame detectors are also available to detect anyone using a lighter or match. Both types of cigarette detector are available as single units or as combined smoke/flame detectors. Using a variety of these detectors gives comprehensive coverage of the area to be protected and allows building managers to create a custom cigarette detection system that perfectly suits their requirements. On we stock the Cig-Arrête range of Cigarette Smoke Detectors. This includes standalone smoke detectors for single installations through to advanced cigarette detection systems with sounder beacons and, most recently, wireless cigarette detectors. If you have any questions about choosing the right selection of cigarette smoke detectors for your needs, feel free to give our helpful team a call on 01792 983 170 for advice.