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Cigarette Smoke Detector & Alarm

We sell a range of cigarette smoke detectors & alarms branded Puff Alert all of which can be purchased through this e-commerce website.

  • 3-Level sensitivity photoelectric technology
  • High intelligence with microprocessor
  • Ultra life lithium battery
  • Remote indicator attached


The Puff Alert cigarette smoke detector & alarms is a high-sensitivity detector based on photoelectric technology, which senses cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco smoke at an early stage and warns by means of a buzzer and a red light-emitting diode. A remote indicator is also available for easy of centralized identification.

Product Characteristics

Smoke Sensing
Every detector is seperatly calibrated in order to avoid false alarms.  The detector is electronically regulated internally, thereby maintaining a constant sensitivity of the alarm.

The detector has 3 levels sensitivity.

  1. High sensitivity
  2. Normal sensitivity
  3. Low sensitivity

A red light-emitting diode located (LED) on the top cover indicated different state of the detector.  The LED flashes once every 45 seconds signals that the device is in monitoring state and is functioning correctly.

Battery Warning
The Puff Alert manages the battery automatically.  When the battery runs low, the detector turns into low-battery state.  The detector emits a short beep warning sound, synchronous with the LED blinking per 45 seconds, signalling the low-battery state.  The cigarette detector will continue to function for upto 1 month under low-battery state.

Fully automatic test function
Advanced electronics ensure the best possible operating readiness by means of an automatic self-test function.  In case of failure, the detector gives out a fault signal by means of 3 beeps every 35 seconds, synchronous with the LED blinking.

Smoke Alarm
When Puff Alert detects small amounts of cigarette, cigar or pipe tobaccos smoke, and the concentration of smoke reaches the alarm threshold, the detector then turns into alarm state.

There are two styles of alarm signals, selected via the button (see below), one is quick, one is slow.

In quick style, the buzzer beeps once per second, synchronous with the LED blinking.

in slow styles, the buzzer beeps once every three second, synchronous with the LED blinking.

The Puff Alert cigarette smoke detector supplies an interconnection function, which allows the alarm signal to be transferred from one to another.  When a detector is in interconnection alarm, the buzzer emits 3 beeps, then a obvious space, then 3 beeps, circularly.  The LED keeps off.

Multi-function Button
A Multi-function button is located on the top cover, which supplies operations bellow.

  1. Manual Test
    When the cigarette detector is in monitoring state, press the button for more than one second, the detector will turn into test mode, which is similar to the Smoke Alarm mode.  And after a short while, the detector turns back to monitoring mode again.
  2. Silence
    When the cigarette detector is in monitoring state, press the button for less than half a second, will change the sound style of the smoke alarm from quick to slow reversed.
  3. Sound Style Selection
    When the cigarette detector is in monitoring state, press the button for less than half a seocnd, will change the second style of the smoke alarm from quick to slow reversed.

Remote Indicator
A remote indicator is also available for easy of rmeote identification.  When The Puff Alert is in smoke alarm state, the remote indicator operates similar to that of the LED and the Buzzer which is located on the detector.

Placement Location

  • Should be mounted on the ceiling in areas selected for No smoking.
  • one device for every 65 cubic metres approximately.  The minimum requirement for large areas request advice from your product supplier.
  • For complicated or extensive properties please request advice from your product supplier.
  • Detector is optimised for a height of 2.8m (9 feet approximately), however it will work at other heights.

The following locations shall be avoided:

  • Next to doors, windows, ventilators etc.  Where draughts can deviate smoke from the sensor.
  • In small or poorly ventilated garages or kitchens where waste gas or vapours may cause false alarms.
  • in areas where dust and dirt can interfere with the operation or cause false alarms.
  • In areas where insects or vermin may effect the integrity of the alarm.
  • in damp or humid areas (e.g. in the bathrooms).
  • in areas where the temperature may often fall below -5oC or exceed +38oC.


  • Drill to horizontal holes 5 diameter, 22mm deep, 58mm apart, where is intended to install the detector.
  • Insert the enclosed plastic plugs into the holes.
  • Seperate the base plate and detector by rotating counter clockwise.
  • Place the base plate so that the two long slot-holes are aligned to the plastic plugs inside the ceiling.  Fasten the base plate on the respective surface using the enclosed screw.
  • open the battery lid of the detector, clip the battery lead to the 9V lithium battery, ensuring the correct polarity, and insert the battery in the space provided.  Then close the battery lid.
  • Push the detector onto the mounting bracket perfectly, and turn it clockwise to align the side slot of the bracket and the detector.  Make sure the detector is firmly locked.

Remote Indicator and Interconnection Wiring

A connector inside the bottom of the detector supplies wiring terminals for the optional remote indicator and interconnection function.  Figure 2 shows the wiring of the remote indicator and/or interconnection.

Fig.2 Wiring of the Remote Indicator and/or interconnection


After installation, a test operation is a must to ensure that the detector works properly.  Press the multi-function buttom continuously at least 1 second for a manual test.  The buzzer should beep and the LED should flash as described in the manual test section.  If the horn does not beep or if the LED does not flash, please do check the following points:

  • Is the cigarette smoke detector damaged?
  • is the cigarette smoke detector clean?
  • Are the batteries working properly? Are you using the required battery types? Are the batteries connected properly? Replace the batteries if necessary.

If the cigarette detector is still working, do not attempt to repair it but contact a professional.

False Alarms

In case of false alarm, please check if the air around the detector is clear.  Fan the air around the smoke alarm if necessary, until the alarm turns off.  If the false alarm occurs frequently or continuously, please arrange to have the unit serviced.


periodic maintenance contributes to a long service life of the Puff Alert and ensures a failure-free operation.

  • Clean the outside cover with a damp cloth at least every three months (do not use any detergent!)
  • Vacuum the outside cover and vents every three months.  Never let the vacuum cleaner come in contact with the interior parts of the smoke alarm.

Please note!

The Puff Alert requires sufficient power to operate.

  • Please use the appropriate type of branded batteries, use only 9-volt lithium battery for the cigarette smoke detector.
  • Please check the polarity of the battery carefully.
  • Please verify that the smoke alarm is working properly immediately after replacing the batteries.
  • in case of the battery warning signal, replace the 9-volt battery immediately.  Otherwise please change it at least once per year.
  • Puff Alert is designed for ceiling mount only.