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Fire Extinguisher Classifications

Fire Extinguisher Classifications and Information

There 6 different type of Extinguisher Classification, 5 x Fire and 1 x Electrical.

Fires have been classified into six groups A, B, C, D, E and F

  • Class A fires – are fires involving organic solids – Paper, Wood, etc
  • Class B fires – are fires involving flammable Liquids – Petrol, Oil, Paints.
  • Class C fires – are fires involving flammable Gasses
  • Class D fires – are fires involving Metals
  • Class E Fires – are fires involving Electrical Apparatus
  • Class F Fires – are fires involving Cooking Oil & Fat

Colour Coding

All Fire Extinguishers are colour coded so you can see what type of extinguisher it is and what it contains.

  • Water – Red
  • Foam – Cream
  • Dry Powder – Blue
  • Carbon Dioxide – Black
  • Halon – Green (Illegal as of December 03)

Fire Extinguisher Locations

Fire extinguishers should be stored:

  • in accessible spots
  • away from heat
  • in places in which they are likely to be needed, but where you will still be able to get to them (but out of reach of children) should a fire start, with at least one at every level of the house. Several good choices include:

To view our Extinguisher range please select the relevant link below.

Water Extinguishers – Class A

Foam Extinguishers – Class A & B

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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Extinguishers – Class B & E

Wet Chemical Extinguishers – Class F