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Detector Test Equipment

While most fire alarm systems will notify you of a fault in any of your fire detectors it’s important to actively test your detectors regularly using specialist equipment.

By using detector test equipment you can efficiently and accurately test your fire detectors for optimum operation and any faults. By using realistic aerosols and effectively reproducing emergency conditions you can ensure that devices, whether smoke or heat detectors, are safe and reliable. Discount Fire Supplies’ comprehensive range of detector test equipment comprises everything you’ll need to test the detectors in your fire alarm system, from full detector test kits to extension poles and spare parts. By using this equipment regularly you can be assured that your fire alarm system will perform in an emergency.

The Solo detector testing range is ideal for most applications and includes an array of testing equipment that can be used for smoke detectors, heat detectors and even gas detectors. To test smoke detectors you’ll need the Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser, a tool that can also be used to test gas detectors (albeit with a different aerosol insert). The Solo 330 comprises a clear spring-loaded cup and an aerosol can retaining cup. This set-up can optionally be attached to an extension pole to allow the tester to easily reach detectors. To engage the testing mode, the cup simply has to be placed over the detector head in a prolonged upwards motion to allow smoke aerosol to fill the testing chamber. A clear cup is used so that you can see the detector LED and the aerosol action at all times. Detector testing aerosol is an environmentally-friendly substance that has been extensively researched and tested to ensure that it provides authentic testing conditions. It won’t damage detectors through repeated use and it clears quickly. Cost per test is also very low which makes testing fire detectors an affordable practice. To test heat detectors you’ll require a Solo heat detector testing unit. Solo heat detector testing equipment is similar in appearance to the smoke testing equipment in all but the testing method and is available in both wired and wireless options. Depending on the power supply being used, the heat detector tester simply has to be switched on and positioned in place over the heat detector to be tested. When the unit is in the correct position the heat testing unit will start to work, if an alarm is not triggered within the time advised further investigation and maintenance could be required. If you are new to detector testing, or you simply want to purchase this testing equipment in the most cost-effective way, take a look at our detector test kits. These come in a variety of combinations to suit your requirements from the simple Solo 810 2.5m Smoke Detector Test Starter Pack to the exhaustive Solo 823 9.3m Smoke and Cordless Heat Detector Test set. A range of handy spares are available as well as extension poles to increase the reach of the detector test equipment, allowing you to test even the most hard-to-reach detectors.