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Discount Fire Supplies Blog

Zeta MultiLoop System Protects Burns Pet Food

Discount Fire Supplies recently supplied a Zeta SmartConnect MultiLoop system to Burns Pet Foods head office in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire.

Team Spotlight – Lynne El-Hoss

This month we spoke to Lynne, our accounts administrator, all about what makes Discount Fire Supplies a great place to work.

Guide to Creating a Fire Evacuation Policy

A fire evacuation policy sets out the procedures that allow for a safe evacuation of a workspace in case of a fire or emergency, to ensure all occupants and visitors get out safely. 

Introducing the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool

Introducing the UGO Reset Call Point Key Tool, the ‘Swiss army knife’ of call point test and reset keys for fire alarm systems.

6 of History’s Famous Fires

Throughout history, fires have been rife, with several of them affecting the population forever, changing the course of world events.

Where Should Carbon Monoxide Alarms Be Located in the Workplace?

A staggering 60 deaths a year are associated with carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales,1 highlighting the need for carbon monoxide alarms for an effective way to detect carbon monoxide in the air.

Guide to Hikvision Camera Case Types

Broadly speaking, the rapid and ever advancing technology of CCTV cameras means that the casing styles outlined below will do a similar job.

Team Spotlight – Nadim El-Hoss

This month, we spoke to our company director Nadim El-Hoss, on how much he appreciates his team, and his highlights working with Discount Fire Supplies.

Team Spotlight – Justyna Mrowicka

This month, we chatted to Justyna – our account manager – about her favourite things at Discount Fire Supplies, and what she likes to do outside of work.