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ACT 418 Professional Multimeters Test Leads

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The ACT/418 are professional test leads made of highly flexible silicone cable, with retractable 4mm plugs, fully insulated probes and attachable crock-clips. These can be used with the ACT/6000 multimeter.


  • Professional test leads to suit any multimeter.
  • Constructed of highly flexible silicone cable.
  • Retractable 4mm Plugs.
  • Fully Insulated Probes with Attachable Crock-Clips.
  • Overall length 1.2m.
  • Supplied one red, one black.
  • Suitable for for ACT/6000, ACT/3000 or AVO300.


  • Material : Highly flexible silicone cable
  • Lead Length : 1.2m

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