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ADP324-FR 24V DC Power Supply Unit

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Supplied in a very compact, attractive, but tough, steel housing with an externally visible status LED. The 24V DC output is designed for the highly inductive loads that magnetic door retainers present, eliminating the need for additional control relays and reducing the chance of an ‘electrical spike’ causing problems, which is a frequent cause of personnel delays and expensive engineer call outs.

In addition, PSU has a normally closed (NC) volt-free, Opto-relay output for remotely signaling its status and serviceability. This output can be used to indicate problems either locally or remotely to a Fire Alarm panel or to a suitable signaling device. The unit is protected by an intelligent electronic fuse technology with automatic reset to reduce system downtime and features a unique protective technology, includes intelligent and capacitive load switching, surge protection, and snubbing.

Trigger Release, Hold Off and Local Trigger Inputs facilitate straightforward connection to fire alarm control panels, building management systems, timers, relays, and other ancillary equipment.

The ADP324-FR can handle up to 8 double doors with 16 magnetic door retainers, based on 50 mA each.


  • 24V DC 1A nominal output.
  • Attractive, tough steel housing.
  • Easily visible, green LED to indicate mains/operational status.
  • Tough, powder-coated, 1.5 mm steel construction, painted white (RAL9003).
  • CE marked.
  • Opto-Relay output for remote signaling of faults.
  • Anti-surge protection.
  • When used for powering for fire system magnetic door retainers each requiring 24V DC 50mA, a single D2401-AA can drive 16 units or 8 x double doors.
  • Ample provision for cabling.
  • Fitted with 12mm, 16mm & 20mm knockouts, plus a 25 x 12mm trunking knockout.
  • Hinged/pivoted lid, secured by a single screw for faster fitting and servicing
  • Rounded corners to avoid dust traps and dirt build-ups.
  • Can be fitted horizontally or vertically.


  • Power Supply Classification: Type A, Ungraded, Environmental Class 2
  • Voltage Input : 195VAC – 265VAC@ 50-60Hz
  • AC Input Fuse: T3.15 Ampere non-replaceable
  • Output Voltage with AC Power: 24VDC nominal;
  • Output Ripple :< 100mV peak-to-peak @full rated output
  • Max. Output Current at Full Load: 1 Ampere
  • AC Fault Will Indicate: If the input voltage falls below 175VAC ± 25V
  • Visible Indication: 1 x green LED visible from outside the box, power ok
  • Fault Opto-Relay Rating: 60V @100mA, contact resistance of 16 ohms
  • Automatic Output reset time: 10mS to 18s (depends on type and duration of fault)
  • Construction: 1.5mm mild steel, tough, powder-coated, spray paint, heat-treated to provide a durable, wipe-clean surface.
  • Standard Paint Colour: White (RAL9003)
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Humidity : 95% non-condensing
  • Size : H110 x W178 x 65mm


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