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Apollo ADR Addressable Door Retainer

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Door retainers ensure buildings are accessible for all by holding fire doors in the open position then releasing and closing them according to the fire system design. The Apollo ADR is an XP95 device designed for installation directly onto an addressable loop and is suitable for use on all types of fire door, including critical actuation doors.


Direct connection to the fire panel makes the ADR a Category A fire door retainer, as defined in BS7273-4 providing the panel has supporting BS 7273-4 Category A functionality.

The addressable functionality allows panel cause & effect programming in complex buildings that facilitates evacuation whilst closing fire doors in alarmed areas. All doors or zones of doors can be closed automatically by the control panel or a dedicated input/output switch to enable a lockdown strategy in schools, colleges, courts & custodial.

Patented permanent magnet technology results in minimal current being required to hold doors open.

The ADR has twin LEDs to indicate Normal, Charging, Loop Isolator Activation and Device Fault Statuses.

Device Fault conditions include:

  • Loss of protocol communication
  • Insufficient loop power to charge

The unit is supplied with a manual release switch and is programmable to operate under failsafe conditions.


  • Integrated loop isolator
  • Extra low voltage usage
  • Suitable for critical actuation (Category A) installations (when connected to a compliant panel)
  • Failsafe by design
  • Patented permanent magnet technology
  • Doors and zones can be individually controlled
  • 200N holding force rating
  • Surface or semi-flush wall mounted
  • Floor mounting options via standard bracket


  • Supply Voltage : 17-28V dc
  • Digital Communication : XP95 compatible
  • Modulation Voltage : 5-9V
  • Current Consumption Switch ON Surge and Quiescent : 3.7mA Max
  • EDL : 4
  • Rated Holding Force : 200 N
  • Initialisation and Self-Check Time (typical) : 45 minutes
  • Typical Release-Hold Cycle : 8 seconds (will release within 3 seconds)
  • Status Indicator (Under Normal Operation) :
    • Flashing Amber : Every 5s – Charging
    • Flashing Green : Every 5s – Normal (Charged)
    • Continuous Amber : Isolator Active State or Fault (Charged)
    • Flashing Amber : Every 1s – Isolator Active State or Fault (Charging)
  • Operating Temperature : 0°C to + 40°C
  • Standards and Approvals :
    • EN 1155:1997 + A1:2002
    • EN 54-17:2005
    • EN 54-18:2005
    • CPR
  • IP Rating : IP3X
  • Materials :
    • Housing: White flame-retardant ABS
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 87.9×87.9×83.5mm
  • Weight : 515g


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