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Apollo Discovery Sounder Base with Isolator

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The Discovery Sounder Base is a multifunctional device that incorporates a sounder, a short-circuit isolator within a Discovery mounting base. 15 different tone pairs can be used to signal evacuation and alert. A third selection can be used in instances such as a class change in Schools.

Brand Information:

Discovery® is a range of high-specification, analogue addressable fire detectors and alarm devices. Discovery detectors offer effective false alarm management by a combination of EN 54 approved operating modes and sophisticated algorithms.

Drift compensation further reduces the likelihood of false alarms caused by a build-up of dust in the sensing chamber. In addition to the familiar smoke and heat detectors, the Discovery range features two multisensor detectors. One is an optical/heat multisensor which can be used to protect against many types of fire risk. The other is a carbon monoxide/heat multisensor which protects against both smouldering fires and those generating heat.


  • 15 pairs of tones
  • It is possible to set individual volume of the sounder from the fire control panel
  • Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, ideal for schools
  • Enables soft start option, ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Unique acoustic and visual indicator self-test


  • Operating voltage: 17-28V DC
  • Protocol pulses: 5–9V
  • Current consumption at 24VDC Switch-on surge, <1s: 1.2mA
  • Quiescent : 370µA
  • Device operated at maximum volume: 5.5mA
  • Maximum sound output at 90°: 90±3dB(A)
  • Operating temperature: –20°C to +60°C
  • Humidity (no condensation): 0–95%
  • IP rating: 21C


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