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Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator

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The Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a compact and light-weight remote indicator that can be used across the entire Apollo XP95 and Series 65 ranges to provide extra indication of an alarm.

Small and discrete, this remote indicator uses a red LED to notify you that a detector has been activated either by smoke detection, heat detection or a combination of these methods.

Particularly useful where a detector has been installed in a hard to view or inaccessible area, this device can be placed in a more visible place to allow easy detector identification.

Made of white polycarbonate to match the rest of the XP95 range, this unit also comes with an anti-tamper screw to prevent unauthorised head removal.


  • Part No. : 53832-070
  • Voltage : 5 to 36 V
  • Max. Current: 25mA
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions : 20x80mm

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