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Apollo Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector

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The Apollo Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector consists of twin compensating chambers using one single-sided ionising radiation source.

A reference chamber is contained within the smoke chamber, both chambers are irradiated by an Americium 241 radioactive source. A current flow is created by irradiating the air in the dual sensing chambers to produce ions that travel to the positive and negative electrodes.

Voltage across these electrodes creates an electric field. When smoke enters the chamber some ions attach themselves to smoke particles, this decrease in current flow is greater in the smoke chamber and the imbalance causes the sensing electrode to become more positive. If the monitored voltage exceeds the alarm threshold a signal (current drawn from the supply rapidly increases) is sent to the conventional fire alarm control panel and the fire alarm is activated.

During an alarm state the external LED lights up for easy indication. The moulded self-extinguishing white polycarbonate casing is identical to that of the Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector in all but the external LED – on this smoke detector the LED is red during both normal conditions and when illuminated during an alarm whereas the LED on the ionisation smoke detector is clear during normal conditions and illuminates red in an alarm.


Specifications are given at 23°C and 50% relative humidity unless stated otherwise.

  • Part No. 55000-217
  • Radioactive Isotope: Americium 241
  • Activity: 33.3 k Bq, 0.9 μCi
  • Supply Wiring: 2 wire monitored supply, polarity insensitive
  • Supply Voltage: 6 to 33V DC
  • Ripple Voltage: 2V peak to peak maximum at 0.1Hz to 100kHz
  • Quiescent Current: 20-45μA at 24V
  • Switch-on Surge Current: 110μA
  • Alarm Voltage: 6 to 33V
  • Nominal Alarm Current: 61mA at 28V, 52mA at 24V, 18mA at 10V
  • Alarm Indicator: Red LED
  • Design Alarm Load: 420Ω in series with a 2V drop
  • Holding Voltage: 6V (min)
  • Holding Current: 10mA (min)
  • Minimum Voltage Required to Illuminate Indicator: 12V
  • Alarm Reset Voltage: 1V
  • Alarm Reset Time: 1 second
  • Remote Output Characteristics: Remote is a current sink to the negative line limited to 17mA
  • Calibration: Factory set to ∆V of 0.8V
  • Sensitivity: Nominal threshold Y value of 0.7 to EN 54-7:2000
  • Temperature Range:
    • Max. continuous operating temperature: 60°C
    • Min. continuous operating temperature: 0°C
    • Min. operating temperature: -20°C (no condensation or icing)
    • Storage: -30°C to +80°C
  • Temperature Compensation: Automatic compensation by dual chambers to comply with EN 54-7:2000 across the operating temperature range
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity (no condensation)
  • Atmospheric Pressure: Automatic compensation by dual chambers to maintain sensitivity up to a height of 2000m
  • Wind Speed: 10m/s maximum
  • IP Rating: 23D in accordance with BS EN 60529
  • Dimensions: 100 x 42 mm (100 x 50 mm in base)
  • Weight: 102g (153g in base)
  • Materials: White polycarbonate detector housing rated V-0 in accordance with UL 94, nickel-plated stainless steel terminals

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