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CableSafe Fire Clips For Trunking (Pack of 100)

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The safest way to secure fire resistant cabling inside trunking.

CableSafe® from Illumino Ignis provides a fast, robust, effective and fireproof means of fixing cables to concrete, block, brick and many other materials.

Experience has shown the use of plastic cable clips, cable ties or trunking as the sole means of cable support create a serious hazard, as fire-fighters could become entangled in the collapsed cables.

CableSafe® is manufactured to withstand the same temperatures and vibration as fire peformance cables, ensuring you are conforming to BS5839-1.

Key Features

  • Prevents cable collapse in fire situations
  • Fixing hole to suit 11/2” x 8 screws
  • Helps maintain clear exit routes with no danger of entanglement
  • Quick and easy fixing with fold over fastening tabs
  • Fits 2-core 1.5mm Fire Performance Cable
  • Suitable for size 1: 16mm x 16mm and size 2: 25mm x 16mm trunking
  • Meets BS5839- 1 requirements
  • Zintec (passivated) steel with a melting point of over 1000°C

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