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Cig-Arrete SD Evolution Cigarette Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm

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Brand new for 2012, the Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution is the first product to incorporate Multiple detection Technology.

Part No CSA-GOV incorporates tobacco smoke detection and is designed to provide voice messages in any area of a facility to warn of illicit tobacco smoking, such as restrooms, washrooms in schools, hospitals and business across America.

Fully programmable with a simple hand held remote, the CigArrête® SD Evolution product range is a truly global product with the ability to play any audio file in any language without the need for complex programming knowledge.

NOTE: The Cig-Arrête Remote Control is sold separately.


  • On sensing the presence of tobacco smoke, Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution will play any pre-programmed voice files in any language.
  • Time delays between messages are selectable via the remote programmer to ensure that the message is broadcast at the right time.
  • Up to 100 messages can be pre-programmed and selected either individually or sequentially where each message in the list is played in turn on each activation.
  • Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution contains a Windows® based file structure which allows simple ‘drag and drop’file copying for ease of programming.
  • New SmartWave© hi-resolution voice playback software produces crystal clear hi-fidelity audio files to be broadcast in any location.
  • Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution can be powered simply by 4 x AA alkaline batteries, or connected to the mains through a 6Vdc power supply unit for high traffic areas.


Does The CSA-GOV Have A Relay?

The SD Evolution CSA-GOV units have a user programmable relay time. By default this is 5 seconds, but by opening the Config file on a pc you can change this time simply by changing the 5 to whatever seconds you need and then saving the file.

How Loud Is The CSA-GOV Audio Warning?

The decibel level output is around 95db but does depend on the message recorded.

How Long Does The CSA-GOV Alarm Message Last?

The length of the message depends on the message recorded, the message can be set to play 3 times. So if your message was 20 seconds and set for three times it would play for 60 seconds. The total length of the message only depends on how long you programmed it.

Does the CSA-GOV automatically reset after an alarm?

After an alarm incidence, the LED will flash for a period of 5 minutes. During this time the device has reset but will not re-alarm. This is to allow the smoke build up to clear. After the 5 minute period, the device is once again active.

What type of smoke or air particulates will trigger the CSA-GOV?

The cell used within the CSA-GOV is a specially designed gas sensor, where only smoke paricles will set it off, not air particles or perfume.

However, cross contaminant gases can provide false alarms where high concentrations of Carbon Monoxide are present, for e.g. gas fork truck, welding, car parks. In addition, hydrogen and acetylene will also destabilize the devices.

Does the Cig-Arette SD Evlution cigarette smoke alarm detect THC?

Yes the CSA-GOV detectors will detect THC if the cannabis is smoked. It will not detect liquid THC as in Cannabis Oil.

Does the CSA-GOV detect smoke from vaping devices?

The CSA-GOV devices do not detect vaping as a completely different technology is required.


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