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Cig-Arrete Slave Cigarette Smoke Detector

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Cigarette smoke detection is a must for any publicly used building, pub, hotel or workplace and to comply with no-smoking legislation it is essential that you have preventative measures and a cigarette detection system in place.

The Cig-Arrête Slave Cigarette Smoke Detector is for use within the Cig-Arrête Alarm System in conjunction with the Cig-Arrête Standard Cigarette Detection Controller.

What Does It Do?

Manufactured from tough GRP plastic, the Cig-Arrête Slave Cigarette Smoke Detector continually monitors its environment. When it detects tobacco smoke it sends a signal to a system control panel alerting you to the fact that someone is smoking on the premises.

Where Should It Be Used?

This unit should be installed in commonly used smoking areas. If used in restrooms, you should allow one detector per full-height cubicle or two per cubicle for heights less than this.


  • Part Number: CSA-SGA
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable – factory-set to medium/high
  • Detection Area: 27m3 max.
  • Maintenance: Replace internal sensor every 5 years
  • Siting: Avoid hot/cold interfaces, garages/carparks, close proximity to kitchens/cooking areas and nearby gas appliances


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