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Cig-Arrete Standard Cigarette Detection Controller

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No-smoking legislation prohibits smoking, and commonly the possesion of any lit tobacco material, in workplaces, pubs and hotels and other buildings used by the public. 

To police your building it is wise to have a Cigarette Detection System installed to alert you to any unlawful smoking. With detectors installed in commonly used smoking areas, like restrooms, you can be confident that you are complying with smoking legislation and that you’ll be notified if anyone is smoking on your premises.

The Cig-Arrête Standard Cigarette Detection Controller is the hub of the Cig-Arrête Alarm System. 

What Does It Do?

The Cig-Arrête Standard Cigarette Detection Controller is in control of of five zones, each with up to five sensors. Whenever a sensor is activated, an LED light will indicate in which zone the alarm was triggered. A variety of colours are used: Red for alarm, Yellow for fault and also a Green pulse to signify healthy power supply when conditions are normal.

No audible or visual alarm will go off at the triggered sensor, leaving you free to catch the smoker in the act.

Where Should It Be Used?

The Detection Controller should be installed in a security office or other similar manned area so it can be supervised and action can be taken as soon as a sensor is activated.

Technical Specifications

  • Part Number: CSA-S5B
  • Zones: 5
  • Sensors Per Zone: 5 Max
  • Power Supply: 4x D cells
  • Alarm Indication: LED for each Zone – Green pulse when normal conditions, Red for alarm and Yellow for fault.
  • Installation: Mounting bracket supplied


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