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Cig-Arrete Wireless Combined Sounder Flasher Unit c/w Voice Alarm

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Designed for use in conjunction with Cig-Arrête smoke and flame detectors, the Cig-Arrête Wireless Combined Sounder Flasher Unit can be used to provide remote notification of detector activation.

Smokers commonly choose areas like rest-rooms, empty store rooms and quiet corridors to smoke. If you are enforcing an anti-smoking policy (as is required by law in the majority of public places and work places), a cigarette detection system is useful to not only deter would-be smokers but catch them red-handed if they do decide to light up.

Typical installation locations are external to the area to be protected, for example above the main entrance to a toilet facility. If anyone triggers a cigarette detector, the detector will send a signal using radio communication to the Sounder Flasher Unit which will sound a voice alarm in synchronisation with the activated smoking detector.

Combining a pre-programmable voice alarm with an ultra-bright LED flasher, this device is unlikely to go unnoticed when smokers have been caught having illicit cigarettes.

This wireless sounder flasher has a removable SD card that can be easily pre-programmed with up to 100 audio files using a Windows PC. The voice message of your choice can then be selected using a hand-held remote. Any audio file, in any language, can be stored on the device allowing you to tailor the alert to suit your requirements perfectly. In addition to the voice message, the LED flasher will provide a visual indication of the alarm condition, alerting staff or security to the scene to apprehend the smokers violating the law.

Power supply can be sourced from either 4x AA alkaline batteries or through the mains using a 6V DC power supply. It is recommended that you use mains power if the Cig-Arrête system is to be installed in a high traffic area. However, if you choose the option of battery power it is possible to install a triple detector wireless cigarette detection system with a remote sounder flasher in under an hour with minimal mess and disruption.


  • Wireless communication between devices using radio frequencies.
  • Removable SD card stores up to 100 audio files.
  • SmartWave high-resolution audio playback software.
  • Windows compatible file structure allows ‘drag & drop’ file copying.
  • Powered using x4 AA alkaline batteries or 6V DC Power supply.
  • Backwards compatible with older Cig-Arrête anti-smoking devices.

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