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Disabled Toilet Alarm 1-4 Zone Kit


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Designed for use in disabled persons dwellings typically for disabled toilets where this design process considers the requirements of BS8300. This disabled persons toilet alarm kit is a complete toilet alarm system for 1, 2, 3 or 4 toilets/areas depending upon which version you purchase.

The system consists of a 4 zone control panel (DPTA-CP) which is (for each zone) connected to a Pull Cord (DPTA-PC), Remote Reset (DPTA-RR) and Remote Indicator (DPTA-RI). These connected items are known as ï¬Âeld devices which provide the Control Panel with the necessary input and output signals to allow the system to function. All versions are supplied with this 4 zone controller along the corresponding number of field devices to protect 1, 2, 3 or 4 toilets.

Additional field devices can be purchased separately facilitating the expansion of the system and even allowing for duplicate devices to work on the same zone, for instance you may require 2 or more pull cords in the same toilet.

Kit Contents

  4 Zone Controller (DPTA-CP) Pull Cord (DPTA-PC) Remote Reset (DPTA-RR) Remote Indicator (DPTA-RI) Disabled Toilet Sticker (DPTA-S)
DPTA-KIT1 – 1 Zone Disabled WC Alarm Kit 1 1 1 1 1
DPTA-KIT2 – 2 Zone Disabled WC Alarm Kit 1 2 2 2 2
DPTA-KIT3 – 3 Zone Disabled WC Alarm Kit 1 3 3 3 3
DPTA-KIT4 – 4 Zone Disabled WC Alarm Kit 1 4 4 4 4

Key Features

  • Complete disabled toilet alarm system for 1, 2, 3 or 4 toilets/areas
  • 4 zone controller supplied with all versions allowing for future expansion
  • Controller can be powered by either 12V DC or 240V AC
  • Simple 3 core installation for each zone
  • Simple maintenance and fault diagnosis
  • BS8300 compliant


Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome back to Discount Fire Supplies. My name’s Nadim, and today we’re going to be talking about the Zeta Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit.

Today we have with us a Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit one, which is a one zone kit. Now the kits are available up to four zones, but for the sake of this example, we’ll just be using the one zone.

As you can see, it comes neatly packaged in one box with all of the components nicely inside. What components does each kit come with?

We’ll start with first of all the controller. Now, despite this being a one zone kit, as you can see, the controller is already prepared for four zones, so if in need of possible expansion in the future, then it’s feasible if you were to use this system initially.

Inside of the controller you will find the fixing plugs and screws for mounting your unit to the wall on installation. Also, as you can see, Zeta nicely cut a large square into the back of the unit there for ease of cable entries.

On the electronic side of things, as you can see, it’s some simple circuitry here and as you can see again, there’s the four terminals there to signify each of the zones. Each terminal has three entries. We’ve got a positive, a negative and communications.

Now we power in the unit. You’ve got two options. You can either power it via 12 volt DC or you can also power it via the mains. As well as the controller in the kit, you will find a remote reset switch, which will be located inside of the toilet in which you’re looking to protect. I know that the controller does display a reset switch on the front of the controller, but unfortunately, due to legislation, this is no longer active, as you must the site in which the alarm has been triggered in order to reset the system. You get a remote indicator. As you can see, this will be located above the door in which you’re trying to protect. A pull cord, again, which will be used to trigger the alarm in the first place. As you can see, it’s got two handles there, which will be set at different heights so it’s always reachable. Finally, you will also get a Disabled Toilet Alarm sticker, which will be neatly placed on the door in which you’re looking to protect.

What you see here is the basics of a kit one system, but if you were looking to go for a kit two, three, or four, then everything except for the controller will be multiplied by exactly the amount of zones in which you’re purchasing.

Each of these systems does have the capability of adding more of these components to each of the one zones, if for whatever reason you should feel that you do need an extra reset or you do need an extra indicator in an area to advise people of the alarm being triggered, then this also a possibility.

Thank you very much for listening to Discount Fire Supplies. These products are available online today on Thank you, and we’ll see you again.



What is the BS 8300:2001?

The BS 8300 is a code of practise published by the Brisitish Standards Group which covers the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people.

UK law requires all public buildings to be accessible. Access to those with disabilities must be considered when designing new buildings, and when planning improvements to existing buildings. Architects, surveyors, and all those involved in the design and construction of buildings must consider disabled access to buildings.

In relation to disabled toilet alarms the BS 8300:2001 states that all new disabled toilet facilities should be fitted with a fixed method of communication.

The following are some related points from the BS 8300:2001;

  • A disabled toilet alarm must not be confused, visually or audibly, with a fire alarm.
  • The pull cord, coloured red, should provide two red bangles of 50mm in diameter (one set at 800-1,000 mm and the other set at 100 mm above floor level).
  • Visual and audible feedback should be provided to indicate the alarm has been triggered.
  • An additional alarm indicator may be fitted remotely.

How many disabled toilets can be used with a the DPTA-CP disabled toilet alarm control panel?

The same disabled toilet alarm control panel (DPTA-CP) is  supplied with all of the disabled toilet alarm kits and is a capable of being used with up to 4 disabled toilets.

In this case should you purchase either the 1, 2 or 3 zone disabled toilet alarm kit, these may be expanded in future by adding additional field devices.

Where should the disabled toilet alarm pull cord (DPTA-PC) be installed?

The BS8300:2001 states that the alarm pull cord should be sited so that it can be operated from the toilet and adjacent floor area.

Where should the disabled toilet alarm remote indicator (DPTA-RI) be installed?

The disabled toilet alarm remote indicator (DPTA-RI) should be located outside the toilet area where it will be seen and heard by people able to provide assistance and indicate where help is required.

Where should the disabled toilet alarm remote reset (DPTA-RR) be installed?

The disabled toilet alarm remote reset (DPTA-RR) should be sited so that it is within reach from a wheelchair and the toilet.

How is this disabled toilet alarm installed?

The following illustration shows how the control panel and field devices are connected in a typical installation for a single toilet.


How is this disabled toilet alarm system wired?


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1 Toilet, 2 Toilets, 3 Toilets, 4 Zones


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