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DorWatcher Door Held Open Alarm


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Sometimes refered to as a door screecher, the DorWatcher is an alarm unit used to prevent doors being left open for extended periods of time. Typically used to alarm kitchen doors in student accommodation, the alarm is activated if the kitchen door remains open for more than 1 minute prompting people in the vicinity to close the door thereby preventing smoke from cooking drifting into corridors and causing fire alarm activations. Once activated the alarm is automatically reset as soon as the door is closed.

The versions of DorWatcher available are:

  • DW304 – powered by 6 x AA alkaline batteries (supplied) – ideal for retrofit.
  • DW305 – powered by a 12vdc power supply (available separately) with alarm relay output
  • DW306 – powered by mains with alarm relay output


  • Robust ABS plastic enclosure
  • High Power 105db Sounder
  • Box tamper switch
  • Clear instructions displayed on the unit
  • Adjustable time delays
  • Powered by 6xAA batteries (supplied)
  • Audible battery fault monitor
  • Simple installation


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Powered by

6 x AA batteries, 12vdc, Mains