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DPL Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit


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The Direct Page London Wireless Toilet Alarm is designed to meet the needs of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in all public buildings. It provides a high quality featured system at an economical cost.

The Kit 1 system comprises of a ceiling pull cord unit with two triangles and a reassurance LED. This product should be installed to one side of the toilet in front of the client for easy reach. The red LED should be visible to the attending staff and the user. With the Kit 1 you also are supplied an over-door beacon/sounder unit, this is required to be sited above or adjacent to the outside of the Disabled Toilet door. It must be sited high enough as not to cause obstruction to any walk ways.

DPL Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm KIT 2 system is supplied with a Wireless Reset Point. This product needs to be located to the opening side of the door on the inside of the Disabled Toilet. This allows single pull use of the Wireless Pull Cord unit.

The installation of the system is very simple, requiring only two screws to fix each unit in its required place. As an optional extra, the unique design allows this product to send full text messages direct to pocket pagers or displays. Repeater / Booster available to increase range up to 5 – 8 miles if required. A perfect product for simple installation and use on large sites like superstores, shopping centres, Day centres, Doctors surgery, Disabled public toilets, Hotels, Pubs, Boats, Swimming pools, Gyms, Leisure centres, Work places of all types. Complies with EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3

Kit Contents

Kit 1 Contents :

  • 1 x Pocsag Wireless Ceiling Pull Cord multi pull. Product code – DPTX-DTA-CPC-MP-A
  • 1 x Battery for above.
  • 1 x Disabled Sticker. Product code – DTA-WC-STICKER
  • 1 x Pocsag Wireless Beacon/Sounder unit. Product code – DPRX-DTA-OD-A
  • 1 x Battery for above.

Kit 2 Contents :

  • 1 x Pocsag Wireless Ceiling Pull Cord single pull. DPTX-DTA-CPC-SS-A
  • 1 x Battery for above.
  • 1 x Disabled Sticker. Product code – DTA-WC-STICKER
  • 1 x Pocsag Wireless Beacon/Sounder unit. DPRX-DTA-OD-A
  • 1 x Battery for above.
  • 1 x Pocsag Wireless Reset Point. Product code – DPTX-DTA-MRP-A
  • 1 x Battery for above.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation, requiring only two screws per unit
  • Complies with British Standards
  • Repeater/booster available 
  • Paging Facilities Available


  • Programmable ID’s : 250,000 different Pocsag ID’s. (RF Programmer required or can be programmed at factory)
  • Frequency : 430 – 460Mhz
  • Band : FM
  • Baud rates : 512 or 1200
  • Transmitter power : 10mw
  • Radio standards : EN 300 220-3
  • EMC Standards : EN301 489-3.
  • Transmission format : Pocsag
  • Power : CR2450 Lithium Battery cell 3.6 volt DC or 2 x 1.5 volt DC AAA alkaline battery.
  • Battery Life : 1 – 3 years (Subject to use)
  • Battery Low : Flashes LED twice every minute. Transmitted to pager or display panel if installed.
  • Repeat call : RF programming allows 99 repeat calls to be set.
  • Repeat interval : RF programming allows an interval of multiples of 15 seconds to be set. Max 99 x 15 seconds.
  • Maximum range : 30 – 50 metres internal & 100 -150 metres open ground. External aerial will extend range.
  • Aerials & Repeaters : External aerials & Repeater / Booster available as separate product. Boost 5 to 8 miles


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