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Dycon EN54-4 Certified 24VDC 1.5A, 3A or 5A Power Supply


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Dycon D2431, D2433 and D2435 units are 1.5 Ampere, 3 Ampere and 5 Ampere switched-mode power supplies complying with and certified to EN54-4 and the Construction Product Regulations (CPR). They feature on-demand load sharing to provide exceptional flexibility, allowing rapid, large-capacity, battery charging with either extended, standby, hold-up duration at light loads, or short, high current, peak loads where the spare capacity is diverted to battery charging. All units are fitted with a constant–operation temperature sensor which automatically adjusts the charging rate to ensure that a battery is never overcharged simply because the ambient temperature has risen. Rather than relying on simple, voltage readings to gauge the battery condition, these units constantly check the batteries’ impedance which gives a more accurate reading and prior warning of impending problems and extending battery life.

Not all EN54-4 Power Supplies are the same!

Dycon’s EN54 has unique features that improve performance and reliability

A fire alarm system power supply needs to be robust to ensure the safe continuity of fire detection. Dycon’s EN54 range has additional performance features built-in that most other makes fail to provide. These will ensure that not only does the unit provide reliable power when needed, but also so continuously monitors total performance, even regularly checking batteries’ performance to ensure that it will operate correctly even if the mains power is lost.

Main Features

The Dycon EN54-4 range consists of 5 Amp, 3 Amp and 1.5 Amp devices, providing a nominal 27VDC with two separate 12V lead-acid batteries for standby operation when AC power is lost.

Key Features

  • Microprocessor controlled operation and protection.
  • On-demand battery charging and load output current sharing.
  • Battery impedance monitoring.
  • Automatic output reconnection after short circuit fault.
  • No user-serviceable fuses, outputs protected by electronic E-fuses.
  • Two independent, electronically fused, switched outputs.
  • Three opto-relay fault outputs for AC Power Fail, Battery Fault, PSU Fault.
  • Four status LED’s; I x external and visible, 3 x inside the housing, visible on removing the lid.
  • Over-voltage output protection.
  • Battery-free option can be selected by a jumper. Note : Using this jumper to disable the battery monitoring when a battery is fitted will create an EN54-4 non-compliance.
  • On-board or remote temperature sensing (jumper selectable) with optional remote sensor.
  • UK-manufactured electronics and steel housings.


  • Construction Product Regulation No. : 0359-CPR-00434
  • Tick Mark Certificate of Compliance to : – EN54-4: 1997+A1:2002+A2:2006 : No. 17LHK0674-01 (issued by Intertek Group plc)
  • Voltage Input : 230VAC+10% -15%; 50Hz ± 15%
  • Max. AC Input Continuous Current
    • D2431 : 0.45A
    • D2433 : 0.9A
    • D2435 : 1.5A
  • Recommended Fused-Spur Input Fuses :
    • D2431-250V : T1A
    • D2433-250V : T3.15A
    • D2435 250-T3 : 13A
  • Output Voltage with AC Power :
    • Minimum : 26VDC
    • Maximum : 29.5VDC Nominal
  • Output Ripple : < 0.7V Peak-to-Peak at Full Rated Output
  • Maximum Output Current at Full Load
    • D2341 : 1.5A
    • D2343 : 3A
    • D2345 : 5A
  • Battery Charging Voltage : 27.6VDC
  • Charging Current, On-Demand (Maximum)
    • D2431 : 1.5A
    • D2343 : 3A
    • D2345 : 5A
  • Type of Batteries Required :
    • D2431-7 & D2433-7 : 2 x 12VDC 7 or 8AH, sealed lead/acid
    • D2433-17 & D2435-17 : 2 x 12VDC 17Ah, sealed lead/acid
  • Standby Output Voltage
    • Minimum : 19.5VDC
    • Maximum : 27.6VDC
  • PSU Standby Current : 32mA
  • Over-Voltage Cut-Out Threshold : 30Vdc 2%
  • Low-Voltage Power Output Fault : <22VDC ±2%; Low Voltage Restore>23VDC ±2%
  • Battery Deep Discharge Voltage Limit : 21VDC ±2%
  • Output Monitoring Threshold : Battery Charging Voltage <±2%
  • Battery Fuse : 6A PTC non-replaceable
  • Fault Opto-Relays : Normally-Closed (NC), 100mA at 60V; ON-Resistance 16 Ohms maximum; 1500VRMS Isolation Voltage
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10 ÌŠC to +40 ÌŠC
  • Humidity : 95% non-condensing
  • PCB size (h x w x d) : 168x141x65mm


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1.5 Amp, 3 Amp, 5 Amp


Medium (7Ah Batts), Large (17Ah Batts)

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